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    Proverbs Page 8

  • The silent mouth is sweet to hear

  • When wrathful words arise a closed mouth is soothing

  • The stars make no noise

  • Little talk is easy to cure

  • A closed mouth--a wise head

  • A silent mouth never did any harm

  • Strength is not enduring

  • Sending the goose on a message to the fox's den

  • Putting the fox to mind the geese

  • You didn't turn up when sense was being distributed

  • There's neither success nor efficiency without authority and laws

  • Fat is not to be had without labour

  • The windy day is not the day for thatching

  • One man's meat is another man's poison

  • Whoever the cap fits takes it

  • Better sit beside him than in his place

  • A short visit is best and that not too often

  • The eye should be blind in the home of another

  • It's often a man's mouth broke his nose

  • Don't say everything you want to say lest you hear something you would not like to hear

  • Don't let your tongue cut your throat

  • See not what you see and hear not what you hear

  • Never speak to the feet while the head is alive

    Proverbs Page 9

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