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    Proverbs Page 9

  • Don't rest your eyes beyond what is your own

  • It's bad manners to talk about ropes in the house of a man whose father was hanged

  • A greyhound finds food in its feet

  • The slow hound often has good qualities

  • The bird that can sing and won't sing should be made to sing

  • A cat between two houses, a rabbit between two holes, the two liveliest

  • Great talk and little action

  • Do not be talkative in an alehouse

  • You kissed the blarney stone

  • A spender gets the property of the hoarder

  • Let your bargain suit your purpose

  • Spread your cloth only as you can draw it

  • The waiting man thinks the time long

  • A watched kettle never boils

  • Time is a good story-teller

  • He who spies is the one who kills.

  • Treachery returns

  • There's trouble in every house and some in he street

  • Everything troubles you and the cat breaks your heart

  • The fox never found a better messenger than himself

  • Never trust a spiteful man

    Proverbs Page 10

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