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    Traditional Crafts

    There were many forms of traditional crafts in Ireland.

    Irish Crafts in the Traditional sense were not to do with the industrial and commercial senses but are integral parts of the cultural life.

    They are not intended to create wealth but rather to attract blessings. They do not exist to bring tourists, but to bring Saints to, and scare evil spirits from your door.

    Irish crafts are the props of folklore, indicators of the season and projections of identity. Irish Crafts are also personal-things to do, and make a rhythm for the fingers and hands that links you with the ages.

    Irish crafts were textiles such as woven wool clothing, products made from Irish linen, such as bedclothes and tablecloths, and handmade Irish lace.

    Jewelry is another craft. Such as the Claddagh ring a betrothal ring. As well as enamelled brooches and pendants. Sculptures and reliefs.

    Pottery, musical instruments or fine glass ware such as Waterford or Tyrone crystal are all also forms of craftspeople.

    Crafts such as these may be done:-

  • Brigid's Cross

  • Harvest Knots - Corn Dollies

  • the Samhain Parshall

  • Saint Patrick's Cross

  • Samhain Turnip Head

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