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    Proverbs Page 13

  • A woman like a goose, a sharp pecking woman
    A woman like a pig, a sleepy-headed woman
    A woman like a sickle, a strong stubborn woman
    A woman like a goat, a woman of rushing visits
    A woman like a sheep, an affable friendly woman
    A woman like a lamb, a quiet friendly woman

  • It is not the most beautiful woman who has the most sense

  • A woman can beat the devil

  • A shrew gets her wish but suffers in the getting

  • Many a time the man with ten (cows has overtaken the man with forty(cows)

  • Do it as if there was fire in your skin

  • The seeking for one thing will find another

  • make your hay before the fine weather leaves you

  • Sow early and mow early

  • The early riser gets through his business but not through early rising

  • The slow horse reaches the mill

  • Making the beginning is one third of the work

  • The quiet pigs eat all the draff

  • The sweat of one's brow is what burns everyone

  • Everyone lays a burden on the willing horse

  • Every little makes a mickle

  • Speed and accuracy do not agree

  • Never Put off tomorrow what you can do today

  • I'll go there tonight for evening is speedier than morning

  • The person of the greatest talk is the person of the least work

  • Be there with the day and be gone with the day

  • About evening a man is known

  • Long churning makes bad butter

  • Scattering is easier than gathering

  • The labour of the crow

  • Put it on your shoulder and say it is not a burden

  • It's no delay to stop to edge the tool

  • The mason who strikes often is better than the one who strikes too hard

  • It destroys the craft not to learn it

  • The dog that's always on the go, is better than the one that's always curled up

  • Handfuls make a load

  • Don't go early or late to the well

  • A good beginning is half the work

  • Praise the young and they will make progress

  • Many a happy colt makes a fine horse

  • The young shed many skins

  • Youth likes to wander

  • The growth of the gosling

  • Youth cannot believe

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