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    Plants and Animals


    In Ireland there is the widest diversity of plant life especially on the western coast, where the climate is suitably wet. Plants found in Ireland include the thrift, water lobelia, Kerry lily, sea campion, bog asphodel, meadow vetchling, and sundew plant.


    Ireland is well known for having no snakes. Legend has it that Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, banished them from the island.

    Common native species include gray seals, which feed off the Atlantic coast; pine martens, which are nocturnal animals of the weasel family; and otters, also known as river dogs, which can be seen in the shallow waters off rocky coasts, rivers and streams.

    There are many different kinds of birds in Ireland.

    One bird is the puffin notable for its unusual markings. It is also home to threatened bird species such as the corncrake.

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