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Famous Irish People

    Saint Oliver Plunkett - Archbishop
    Authur Guinness - Brewer
    Thomas 'Buck' Whaley - Rake
    Daniel O'Connell - Politician
    Thomas Moore - Author and Baladeer
    Henry Cooke - Cleric
    Sir Samuel Ferguson - Poet
    John Mitchel - Revolutionary
    William James Pirrie - Shipbuilder
    Oscar Wilde - Author
    George Bernard Shaw - Author
    Maude Gonne - Revolutionary
    James Connolly - Revolutionary Socialist
    James Joyce - Author
    Samuel Ferguson - Inventor
    Michael Collins - Relolutionary
    Samuel Beckett - Author
    Brendan Behan - Playwright and Author
    Joyce Cary - writer
    Clive Staples Lewis - writer
    Edward Plunkett, Lord Dunsany - writer
    Edmund Burke - writers
    Kate O'Brien - writers
    Padraic Colum - writers
    George Shiels - writers
    Arthur Wellesley - the first Duke of Wellington
    Eamonn De Valera - Prime Minister
    Fitzmaurice - Irish aviator
    Mary Robinson - first woman president
    Mary McAleese - second woman president
    Edward the Bruce
    The Cranberries - Band
    Roddy Doyle
    John P. Holland
    Richard Martin
    Liam Neeson - Actor
    Hugh O'Donnell
    Pierce O'Mahony
    Grace O'Malley
    Sean O'Neill
    St. Brendan of Kerry
    St. Brigit
    St. Columba
    St. Patrick
    Wolf Tone
    U2 - Band
    WB Yeats - author

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